zondag 13 januari 2013

Dylan vs. Cohen

Leonard Cohen: “The last time we met for any great lenght of time was after a concert he'd [Dylan] done in Paris. We met in a cafe in the 14th Arrondissment and we had a real good writers' shop talk. We really went into stuff very technically. You couldn't meet two people who work more differently. He said, I like this song you wrote called "Hallelujah". In fact, he started doing it in concert. He said, How long did that take you to write? And I said, Oh, the best part of two years. He said, Two years? Kinda shocked. And then we started talking about a song of his called "I and I" from Infidels. I said, How long did you take to write that. He said, Ohh, 15 minutes. I almost fell off my chair. Bob just laughed.” (The Telegraph 41, blz. 30). Zie: Bob Dylan in het Nederlands.

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